Sunday, August 17, 2003

I played tennis this weekend and even after 8 pm, it was very hot. In general, my ground strokes were decent (we won't talk about my currently defunct serve), but I have resumed my bad habit of crunching up on the forehand and getting way too close to the ball. I don't have this problem on the backhand -- I keep enough distance to give it a good whack, but the forehand is a lot weaker simply because I pull in and get too close. I was playing about 5-6 feet behind the baseline since my opponent is a heavy hitter and the first bounce usually lands right insde the baseline; I usually try to return as the ball is coming down for its second bounce. I seem to get the most power at that point, but of course, if I'm not right in position, it also means the ball does get the second bounce and point goes to the other side.

In other news, where is everyone? ::sniff:: I'm missing the chats o' doom... so, Modly Beings, how about it?

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