Saturday, July 12, 2003

We ran the gauntlet of salesmen and lived to tell the tale. Just barely though. I was a few minutes delayed in getting to the Toyota dealership due to my inadequate knowledge of the area South of Where I Am and fear of the Very Big Trucks that rumble through as well. When I pulled up, there were no less than five salespeople waiting outside the door. One of them came right up to my car -- I hadn't even gotten out yet! He asked if I was working with anyone and then gave me his card when I answered in the negative. I told him up front that I wasn't purchasing the vehicle but my cousin was and I was waiting for her to arrive. He then ushered me inside for 'lunch' (cold cut sandwiches; I smiled politely) and told me to get him when my cousin showed. Once, when I was meandering while waiting for Tara, the guy came back again and asked if it was possible that I had missed her. When Tara found me, she said she'd been approached by two salespeople. Looking for cars was just as fun as ducking the salespeople, all of whom looked highly motivated.

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