Thursday, July 31, 2003

Gobble, gobble.

I've amused myself tonight by reading reviews Gigli, because as the Mod Squad knows, I can never let a train wreck -- whether it be a fic accident or a movie or a weird brouhaha on some ML somewhere -- go by without rubber-necking. Just as bad fic is my secret vice, I'm always thrilled to see how the experts do things. Lines such as "And the dialogue - sweet, screaming Jehosephat, it's awful" from the Cinncinati Enquirer or this pithy paragraph We knew Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez could make bad movies separately, but “Gigli” demonstrates that, in a true example of synergy at work, their combined efforts can generate even more badness send my heart into my throat with the desire to pen acidity like that. And then, Bjorn kindly supplied The Onion's report on the movie's focus group and my amusement was complete.

My question is: who actually thought this movie would be any good? Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck in the same movie? Hmmm? I think it's perfect fodder for Mystery Science Theater myself. Apparently, the press was so bad, the two of them have vowed not to make any more movies together. Eh, reading all the reviews, not sure that acting was the problem, but hey, we should all be so lucky. The world really doesn't need so much Bennifer.

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