Tuesday, July 01, 2003

It's times like these

It's been pointed out to me by two different sources that I have been remiss in updating the blog. The reason has to do with apparent conflict between various browsers and blogger. It would take many, many attempts to actually get blogger to update. In the meantime, it looks like Blogger has moved to a pretty new interface (it's blue!). There's still something wrong with my permalinks and I'm contemplating replacing this template with another one because I can't figure out what the deal is (jemima, can you see the problem?).

Three cheers for the US Supreme Court for striking down the Texas sodomy law. It's about time. Having laws that discriminate against homosexuals implies that somehow some of us are more equal and entitled to privacy than other people.

The job hunt is going. I had a spurt of energy yesterday and sent off a whole bunch of applications. I have a spreadsheet now. Things can only go up from there. At least I know where I've been. I also ordered my cable modem yesterday. It'll probably be installed in the next two weeks. I'm really looking forward to going faster than 26.4. Even being able to connect at 49 would have been preferable to 26.4 (and occasionally 28.8).

I have no ideas for my site redesign. Sarah pointed out that it's been over two years since I went with the maroon and white. I'm contemplating a new look in purple, green and white, but I have yet to come up with a layout I like; I've tried playing with a couple of ideas in Photoshop, but nothing has immediately jumped out at me. I'm also thinking that it's time to use CSS for positioning and style. My 9/11 site uses positioning, but that's a small site and I'm apprehensive about doing it across the board. But CSS is flexible and easy and it would be nice to implement some new technology; I've been hanging onto HTML 3.1 for years now. Maybe it's time to let go.

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