Thursday, July 31, 2003

Right, so the blog temporarily disappeared and of course, it didn't tell me it was going away. So, just in case any of you were really, really anxious about the blog, it's back. You can all rest easily now.

I just finished rearranging lots of flowers. My fingers are all wrinkly. I really enjoy this, but these were excessive flowers, all left over from my party. I washed out all of the vases and then threw out the dead flowers and rearranged the new ones. It took almost an hour, between the washing of the vases, rearranging and then cleaning up the mess afterwards. Some of the purple flowers stained the kitchen counter, so it was almost a mission impossible to get the stain out. I'm in a cleaning mood, so as soon as my fingers return to normal, I'll probably tackle something else. It is not safe for dirt in this house!

I also got my hands on a copy of the fifth Harry Potter book. I've read the first 100 pages and so far, it's rather... slow. I hope it picks up soon! I've only got a few days to read it.

For those of you keeping track of my literati achievements, I'm on a losing streak -- I've lost, so far, 5 games in a row. I won a game last night -- but unfortunately the rating went to the person whose place I took on the gameboard. Must. Get. Back. In. The. Zone.

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