Tuesday, July 01, 2003

I think the problem with the permalinks was archiving related. I have republished the entire blog and the permalinks appear to work just fine again.

I came across The MBA Wire today, one guy's quest to get into a Top 50 B-School. File this site under things nice to know three years ago. What would be interesting is if he actually writes up his first year, a la Scott Turow in "One-L." One thing I regret is not keeping a journal during my two years in B-School. Year 2 wasn't that exciting, for those of you who followed along in the blog. Year 1, however, was an angst fest. I remember reading the schedule of a typical MBA at the school just before entering and I was like, "Okay, up by 8, in bed by 11, not bad." Reality looked something like this:

6 am Yawn, stretch, roll over in bed as the ABC News headlines come on the radio.

6:15 am Roll out of bed. Stumble into the kitchen, pour myself a cup of coffee.

6:18 am Check email

7:15 am Get dressed in whatever's a) clean and b) ironed. Make some kind of lunch.

7:30 am Leave

7:45 am Parking lot wars ensue. (I learned my lesson: second year, I bussed it in).

8 am Computer lab. Checking email again. Professors always send PowerPoints and class notes 10 minutes before class starts; hence, there's a run on the printer and someone is always standing there, pulling her hair out in frustration because she knows she's going to be late.

8:30 am Class starts.

12:00 pm Lunch break/email check. To save time, most of us brought our lunches and ate in the hallways outside the classroom. Occasionally, we'd walk over to the cafeteria which was one building over, but was usually crowded, overpriced, and generally not good. Sometimes, I'd take this break to catch up on some reading or discuss a case with some classmates.

12:45 pm Back in class

2 pm Time to go to work. My office is about 15 minutes away. On the way, I usually munch on a snack of some kind. At work, I check work related emails and phone calls, work on database or website type stuff, write memos and other such things. It's not that exciting.

5 pm Quittin' time! Occasionally, I'd call before leaving work and order food for pick up.

5:20 pm Home. Eat dinner and watch television or check email.

6 pm Go back to school for team meetings.

9 pm Wrap up team meetings. Head home. Have a snack. Watch a little television or check email.

9:30 pm Start homework for the next day. It wasn't uncommon to read 200 pages a night, if not more. Usually we had case discussion questions or accounting problems to work through. And since B-Schools work on the Socratic method of teaching, it's not possible to let something slide for a night; retention is key. The last thing you want is to be embarassed in front of your classmates. It does get around pretty quickly as to who is a slacker and who isn't, who does their work and who doesn't, who is a team player and who isn't.

Midnight Check email. Contemplate answering important emails.

1 am Shower.

1:15 am Go to bed.

6 am The alarm? Already?

So there you have it.

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