Friday, December 20, 2002

Whew, finally finished off my holiday cards. Usually I'm done with all this by now but because I didn't finish with exams until the 20th, I only got started yesterday and finished this morning. Now it's time to run to the post office and mail packages off, including a few cards overseas and to Canada for epals. I've already done the "fight the parking lot" dance several times and frankly, I feel rather predatory the way I stalk people coming out of stores in my car, but what's a girl to do?

I have lunch dates set up for next week. One with former coworkers, one down at the capitol to see lots and lots of tuba players and I'm still trying to track down my friend Sarah for coffee for Sunday. Wednesday, I jet. So, those of you in the New York/Boston/St. Louis area, how cold is it? Mind you, I've lived here for almost 5 years now and I've lost most of my New England resistance to cold. And oh yes, it's 70 degrees F at the moment. And sunny. And blue skies.

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