Sunday, December 08, 2002

I downloaded a couple of Madonna songs today - "American Pie" and "Die Another Day." I'm going to blame Liz, because she's stuck somewhere without a Madonna fix and she wanted to hear the new James Bond song so I downloaded it for her benefit as she's just as much of a Madonna fan girl as I am. So while I was getting "Die Another Day," I thought I'd get "American Pie" as well as I never heard it when it aired and I didn't know what the controversy was all about. Well, I've heard it and I do like it. Very much. There is something to be said for the originals, yes, but it could have been much, much worse. So I'm possibly in the minority here as someone who enjoyed the song. I also downloaded "The Ketchup Song." Talk about addictive and infectious. Very funny.

And oh yes, Liz Barr has gifted me with an LJ code so I'll be LJing one of these days. As soon as I figure what's going on over there in LJ world and what those codey things mean. Many thanks to Teague who was also kind enough to offer me a code.

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