Wednesday, December 11, 2002

My last name is a verb! Who knew?

G******* (v) - To be totally intimidated during the practice round and blown out during a match. Originally done to BHS by Essex it is now a regular activity of the BHS team in regional play. As in: We really got g*********ed by Riverdale at the National Scholastics Championship! Derived from 1995-96 Essex star Ketan G*******and his answers such as STAR TREK (see below).

and here, he makes his sister so very proud

Star Trek (n) - Correct answer given by Essex's Ketan G******** after only six words of the question had been read in the practice round of BHS' first match under coach David R*****. This question thoroughly G*********red (see above) the Seahorses and Essex went on to a 310-130 victory, still the most lopsided defeat in Burlington's state-tournament history.

Still ROTFL.

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