Saturday, December 07, 2002

I've hit a roadblock on my paper. I have to sum up this semester's course in e-business by writing about 5 of the most valuable lessons one should pass on. It seems rather gratuitous fawning for the prof, methinks, as in "Spit back to me all the wonderful things I taught you this semester!" Anyway, I've got four down and I'm drawing a blank on the fifth. So taking a break and hoping against hope that something wildly innovative - something that makes sense as well - will hit me very, very soon. (Is it really crazy that in just over 3 pages I have 15 endnotes?).

Fannish question: why doesn't anyone interview het writers for fanfic articles, hmmm? Are we really that boring? Do we lack subversion? Does het not have innovation? But Vera, you're probably right. We het writers probably out-numbered slash writers years ago. So possibly my belly-aching is really come-uppence and it's really the time for slashers to take front and center.

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