Monday, December 09, 2002

Microsoft Word and I just rumbled. I mean, really rumbled. Monstrous paper due tomorrow. Mostly all finished, I just needed to throw in some last minute charts (because, you know, you can never have too many appendices - we have appendices A through P. Paper itself is 57 pages long). So I'm thinking, just fix these highlighted things I got clarification on over the weekend, add the charts, and voila, I am done. But the computer crashed when I tried to add one chart (this is when I abandoned you, Liz) and then I couldn't get my cursor to move around the charts in order to add more. In the end, I cheated and started adding charts in reverse order by adding page breaks before a chart, rather than after the charts. This finally allowed me not only to insert the necessary charts but also to type the relevant text. So I just spent 90 minutes on formatting. Ninety minutes. Gotta love Microsoft Word. And now, last step - I'm going to take it get bound (which in itself is funny, as we had our Microsoft paper bound a few weeks ago and then the professor turns around last week and asks for an electronic copy instead. It would have been nice if he had told us he wanted it electronically in the first place). Anyway, that's where I am - in my favorite place, the computer lab, slowly going insane (doesn't help that G is sitting next to me laughing at me for talking to the paper after it was printed. I think I said, "Why won't you line up... damn it." It's okay - G is in his own private Microsoft Word hell as well. He's fighting the Table of Contents battle, which I did over the weekend). To quote my former cross-country coach, "You gotta love it."

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