Sunday, August 18, 2002

Where is the Trek? by Jemima. Amen to that.

My cousin called today. She gave me an OTC recommendation and then said I needed to get myself to a doctor. Yesterday, my mother mentioned that we'd be fasting today and then she said, "Oh but that won't be a problem for you." It is distressing to see all the lovely items planned for tonight's dinner and I can't have any of it. My brother's gone to get the medication for me, so hopefully I can at least sample something tonight. I'll be heading back on Tuesday, so I'll go see a doctor there.

Sarah and I had a great time at the pool. It's a natural spring, a landmark actually for this area and I've never been. Five years and I'd never been. The water is pretty darn cold, about 68 degrees, and since it's an environmental safe zone, no chemicals are used, so it's a little slimey and there's seaweed in the middle. Even though it was 98 degrees out, we didn't feel hot at all by the pool. And of course, getting in was difficult. It's refreshingly brisk!

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