Saturday, August 17, 2002

Squeamish Part II & Fic Recs

I'm really, really sick of apple sauce and I'm hungry. Cranky. Generally Not!Happy. I called my cousin's wife for help as she's a doctor and I, well, I no longer have a doctor I can visit, thanks to being mostly uninsured and dependent on university health care. I'm not so sure that this a burn any more, but something else entirely. I am going swimming this afternoon with a friend so that will be interesting. It's a natural spring, so there's no chlorine (which I'm happy about because people, even toothpaste stings like crazy).

In other news, fic recs:

  • First Contact by Ruth Devero. C/P in the classic "slave First Contact" scenario. But better. Much, much better. Role reversal and some interesting characterization - C/P actually resemble themselves and Tom is pretty much "on" here. And thank goodness for no silly nicknames either (Pooky, anyone?)
  • In the Arms of Family by VS7.5. This is the homecoming Voyager deserved. Family reunions (or not, depending on the character), angst, happiness, fluff, some unscrupulous Ferengi, and a little bit of intrigue. Many talented authors contributed to this story, but the overall feel is very consistent and runs together smoothly. One of the best Voyager reunion stories out there.
  • Pacing the Cage by Lori. Picard and Crusher go on a road trip and the question of "What is a Worf?" comes up. You also get to hear Crusher say, "You're such a dad." To complicate matters, la belle mere is on Enterprise, driving Deanna nuts and then the Phase sets in. A little bit of angst from Tom, but all's well that ends well. A nicely done story all around.

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