Friday, April 12, 2002

Finished all of my ASC voting this afternoon while the database and website were updating. Love multitasking :-). Best Author was really, really hard, kids. Good luck to you. I know it had me pondering a lot. But maybe that is the point - maybe we shouldn't have a gazillion author awards, maybe we should just really look at who was the best overall in Trek fandom. Yeah, it's going to be skewed, I already know that - but it did make me think instead of willy-nilly typing out whatever. The people I voted for are people I read regularly or have read regularly. Since it's about FB, I couldn't let exceptional talent go unrecognized even though I feel that Best New Author should be broader than what it'll probably end up being. So call me a hypocrite, but it's about the FB and dang it, I have an opinion, and the rest of the world needs to know who I think the best of ASC really are.

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