Monday, July 03, 2006

Those summertime rerun blues

In an effort to defeat the dullness and tediousness that comes every summer with reruns (I am SO over Chef Ramsay's bullying on "Hell's Kitchen", I mean *really*. What's the point of a cooking show with NO COOKING? And "Treasure Hunters"? It's an "Amazing Race" wanna be, but the product placement is ugh), I've been watching little clips of shows on You Tube and then I went over to NBC to check up on "The Office". NBC has plenty of video goodies over here, including the fake PSAs. I'm especially excited for the webisodes that begin on July 13. Kevin, Angela and Oscar are on the hunt for a missing $3,000.

The webisodes should be interesting, not only from an entertainment POV, but how it does technology-wise. All three networks now deliver some kind of programming online, which signals a shift in behavior and attitudes of both networks and watchers. ABC is especially intriguing because it reruns episodes of four of its shows for free, though with commercials (which is a trade-off I'd make). Personally, I like this trend, because it means I don't have to worry about taping something if I'm out or if I don't feel like watching something, I can always find it online later.

(Wow, this sounds curiously like an ad for "The Office", doesn't it? I assure you all, I'm not on NBC's payroll and I'm certainly not part of that fake group of friends who chat about their favorite television shows every morning on the radio. I mean, we all know better -- aside from "My Name is Earl," "The Office," and "Deal or No Deal" -- who watches NBC for three hours a night anyway? Actually, a better question is, am I the only person who gets bored with three hours straight in front of the television? I have to be dead tired to be able to handle that).

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