Saturday, July 08, 2006


Totally unplanned double-blog today (well, I guess that there *is* the definition of blogging, huh? Sometimes, I can't believe I've been doing this more than five years because honestly, it's like I just rolled off the blog haywagon). Anyway, I really enjoyed dooce's piece on Britney Spears and that I'd pass it on for any of you who are also fascinated by this particular trainwreck of a woman because somehow, dooce manages to redeem the poor girl (which I thought was next to impossible after the Matt Lauer interview and that awful, awful television show, "Chaotic", and the various babygates). Excerpt:

It was once Britney got pregnant, though, that I really had a hard time believing what I was seeing: the many, many times she was photographed barefoot in public or looking like she hadn't showered since last century. Why would someone as rich as she is, with as much fame and attention, walk out of the house looking like that when she knows a picture of her bra-less nipples are going to show up the next week in magazines across the country? It was less a disapproving reaction than a confused one, and I was fascinated with the anthropological implications of this superstar showing up in photographs screaming: PLEASE JUDGE ME HARSHLY.

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