Saturday, July 22, 2006

Better off I sparkle on my own

Last night, I went to a writing group meeting. It was my first time with this group, and it was at a Starbucks in a part of Sweat Sock City that has always existed in theory, but in practice I've never been. Anyway, I took the scenic route instead of the interstate and in the process, got lost. I pulled over and called the phone number I'd been given in the group email, thinking I was calling the group leader. Nope, it was Starbucks.

"I'm lost," I told the guy.

"Where are you?"

"Somewhere on Memorial."

"Where exactly on Memorial?"


"Did you see an elementary school?"

"No... I'm trying to turn around. I have no idea where I am. Wait, how do I get to the Beltway?"

"Are you trying to get to Starbucks or the Beltway?"

"I'm trying to get to the Starbucks at the Beltway and Memorial."

"Okay, that's us. We're right next to the Beltway."

At this point, I saw a Starbucks next to a Blockbuster. "Are you near the Blockbuster?"

"No, we're a few blocks down from that."

"So I'm not really lost?"

"No, you're only a few minutes away."

"Great," I said. "Thanks. I bet this is the weirdest call you've gotten today."

"Nah, we get calls like this all the time. People have a hard time finding us for some reason."

"Whew, as long as I'm not the only one."

"No, no. Anyway, you'll be here in a few minutes. Can I take your order? It'll be ready when you get here."

Anyway, I gave the guy my order and sure enough, it was waiting when I got to the Starbucks. I was very impressed. Not only did the guy not laugh at my obvious flakiness and complete lack of knowledge as to where I was, but he was kind and reassuring, *and* was sharp enough to make the sale right there on the phone. Starbucks would have gotten my money anyway, but by asking for my order, he eliminated the whole standing in line waiting thing, which when one is already running late for a meeting is a very good thing. So kudos to the nice guy at the Starbucks!

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