Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's Day

So I just had possibly the most embarassing conversation EVER with a total stranger. Seriously. I'm not going to go into it in gory detail, since it was so incredibly embarassing, but for those of you in the know: after feeling very sluggish this afternoon, I finally got up the nerve to confront the noisy neighbors.

So I was standing there, the door opened, and I opened my mouth to speak.



And the entire time I'm speaking, the heat is rising in my face, and all I can think of is, "Seema, you selfish girl, run away now, run, and invest in ear plugs for the remainder of your lease."

But I'd flung open the lid of Pandora's box and I had to keep going on, if for nothing else, the honor of the situation (such as it is/was), but man, I so wished the floor would open up and swallow me up.

I'm pretty sure my neighbor felt the same.

Why can't I have neighbors who just play loud music? Or set off the fire alarms like I do?

And then when I asked, just to be nice, if I was loud, he said, "You can have a party every day until 3 am and I wouldn't care. You're the one with the problem."


I'm just saying, building bookshelves and furniture* up against your neighbor's wall at 3 am in the morning is not the way to endear yourselves to your neighbors. Telling them about the fact they keep you awake, when you both know what you're referring to, that's not exactly a primo way to make friends and influence people either.

But I need sleep, dang it. I wish I didn't feel so conflicted about this, torn between respecting someone's privacy, but at the same time wanting them to understand how their actions are INTERFERING WITH MY LIFE IN A WAY THAT COULD BE DANGEROUS.

I don't think I can ever make eye contact with my neighbors again. Ever.

And couldn't be happening to a nicer couple: Cruise and Holmes deny break-up stories.

* Euphemistically speaking.

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