Friday, February 24, 2006


I stayed completely off-line yesterday (go me!) in order to avoid being spoiled for the ladies' free skate. That meant getting off-line at work and ignoring the desire to check headlines after 3 pm, not listening to the radio in the car, and then not checking email or blogs at all when I got home. I didn't even go to the gym, instead choosing to work out in my living room, in case someone forgot their earphones and the results of the competition blared out. When it came to television, I watched part of "Survivor," but everytime it went to commercial, I immediately flipped to NBC, just in case the nightly news previews gave away the results.

It worked.

I was completely unspoiled for last night's figure skating program, where once again, the woman who managed to stay upright for the long program, won it all. That being said, Shizuka Arakawa performed magnificently, not a single bauble anywhere and I honestly think she has one of the most beautiful Ina Bauers I've seen. Sasha Cohen gracefully and elegantly rebounded from two disappointing spills, and I was shocked to see Irina Slutskya double a jump and fall on a triple flip. I was incredibly impressed by Joannie Rochette, the Canadian, and I like Fumie Suguri's long, though not as much as her short. The two youngsters -- Kimmie Miessner and Emily Hughes -- acquitted themselves well; they should hold up well for 2010.

Tonight's the skating gala, and I'm looking forward to that. I did already get all the results for tonight's races, but I figure a double-dose of extreme censorship was a wee bit much. Besides, I can only be deprived of the Internet sooo long before I break out into hives.

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