Saturday, February 11, 2006


The zinfindel as California's official state wine? I like the sound of that. I'm a white Zinfindel kind of gal, especially of the Beringer* variety.

I'm not terribly crazy about red wine, though apparently it's something the discerning wine lover (such as yours truly, though hardly discerning am I) is supposed to appreciate. Chardonnay is my second favorite after the zinfindel, and Sauvignon Blanc is my least favorite of the white wines. My brother is a big fan of a Portuguese green wine, which I also like; if he stops by, hopefully he'll leave the name of it here in the comments (hint, hint).

* Incidentally, the Beringer winery in Napa Valley is absolutely gorgeous. I mean, they all are, but it was a special treat to visit Beringer because, y'know, I like their wine, especially their white merlot.

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