Wednesday, February 01, 2006


That saying about "always being a bridesmaid, never a bride"? I've never been either, and every now and then, not ever having been a bridesmaid kind of irks me more than never having been a bride*. Yes, I know -- I've saved hundreds of dollars on dresses, shoes, and all of the other ridiculousness that goes along with being asked to participate in a wedding. And then there's the fact that most of my close friends who have gotten married live clear across the country and it would have been a hardship to participate in their weddings as anything other than a proud and happy guest.

But being a bridesmaid is one of those milestones that nearly every girl/woman experiences, kind of like the prom. It's about having a dress you will never ever wear again hanging in your closet, the early morning session with a hairdresser molding your hair into an gravity-defying style, of being side by side with your friend on her special day. There's a lot to gripe about when it comes to this particular tradition, but the sentiment behind the asking, that's what I want to experience.

* Unless I meet Mr. Right, and then maybe not so much

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