Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Life's like that

So two things happened today, making me question whether in fact, it was Monday, and not Tuesday as my calendar insisted.

1. My blister popped. Yes, at 7:30 in the morning. I yelped. It was an accident. But it hurt. Almost as bad as the initial burn. And I did a little jig, ran for the neosporin, and yelped some more. I didn't manage to cut off the skin and debride it like all of the websites said to do. I lack sufficient courage for all that. So instead, I ran to Walgreens, which don't you know is like the best place in the world, and got some 'hospital quality' pads and adhesives to put over the healing burn. There was more yelping because even the slightest touch hurts; I have a whole new respect for people with major burns -- I mean, I always knew it was painful and awful, but I've also never had a second-degree burn before either. How people manage with so much of their bodies burned is amazing to me. And for those of you curious, the burn is currently about the size of a nickle and whitish, with an angry and jagged red border.

2. My rock climbing trip was cancelled. Yes, after my enthusiastic shout-out last night, the trip was cancelled due to lack of participants. WHAT IS WITH PEOPLE NOT WANTING TO HANG OFF THE SIDE OF A CLIFF? Anyway, there's another hiking trip going to the same location that same weekend, and they offered to transfer me into it. I hemmed and hawed, thinking that a 5-mile hike is going to be rather hard on my arthritic right hip (but then again, isn't that what Aleve is for?) and really, a hike on a fairly flat terrain around a gigantic rock isn't quite as sexy as scaling up the sheer vertical face of said rock. But I had my mind set on a trip, and so I switched over. I think it'll be fun anyway. In the meantime, my friend pointed me to a rock climbing trip in April at the same place that he's thinking about going on, so I may go then. THE DREAM LIVES ON.

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