Thursday, January 12, 2006

Sad news

This is going to sound strange, coming on so close on the heels of the previous post which was my usual inanity, but I've been upset for the last couple days about some news I received (and am still receiving) about a former classmate and colleague who was kidnapped earlier this week in Baghdad and I thought I'd say something about it because it's what's first and foremost on my mind and it seems silly to pretend otherwise.

Jill's abduction is shocking news -- I mean, these kidnappings always are -- but this hits extremely close to home because I worked with Jill Carroll years ago (I was a night editor when she was a news reporter) and we probably took journalism classes together as well.

CBS has a story on Jill's kidnapping here, the Christian Science Monitor has an update here (no news) and a profile on Jill here.

As a friend of mine from the Collegian said, "There is probably little we can do except think and pray for her and her family." Somehow, it doesn't seem enough.

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