Thursday, January 12, 2006


I haven't been around lately because I've been too busy taking over the world. Literally. I've been playing "Civilization III" on my computer and it's a game I became addicted to back in high school, and every few years they come out with a new version, with all new bells and whistles, and I just can't stop myself from going on a playing binge. The other day, I did something unprecedented. When I play "Civilization", I like to a kindly, benevelot President-type. I like to invest in my people, my cities, science, you know that kind of thing, and build a nice, happy and content civilization.

That all changed last week when I built my first bomber and I thought, "what am I going to do with this thing?" And I looked to the east, and Rome was RIGHT THERE. So I went and walloped my former friend Rome with the bomber. Really it was all curiousity because a) I've never attacked another civilization before and b) I've never used a bomber before. Before you know it, I'll be crossing the line and using the nukes I'm building. Anyway, I ended up launching a full-scale world war, forming alliances with the Chinese, the Indians and my former enemies, the Egyptians, to take out the Romans. In the meantime, the Americans -- coming to the aid of the beleagured Romans -- declared war on little ole me, and then the English, afraid of my endless supply of infantry, tanks and bombers, wanted to make peace. I made peace with the English, but sank a few American ships, and blithely annihilated the Romans. Current status: at war with the Americans, and at peace with everyone else.

That's not gonna last long; I've gotten my first taste of battle and victory and I LIKE IT.

My "Civilization" binges only last for a couple weeks at a time, and I'm already wondering what's next on the gaming schedule (yes, I know, I should be writing), and thanks to Alex, now I'm thinking about The Sims.

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