Friday, October 21, 2005


I haven't had much to say about the shennagins besetting the Republican Party lately because a) I've been busy and b) GO HOME TEAM! But now that I have a few minutes, oh my God, WHERE TO START? So, by category:

Things that make you go HEM...

Did you know Harriet Miers has a blog? Me either. Poor Harriet -- she got completely eviscretated by Slate today, including a psycho-analysis on her finances and another questionnaire she ought to fill out, given the mess she made of the first (and doesn't Leahy and Spector's letter sound just a bit like a teacher asking a student to re-do their homework? I thought so). And what does it say about Miers when even reliable Bush-cheerleader, the Wall Street Journal, calls the nomination "a blunder of the first order"?

Mugging for the cameras...

Tom DeLay was arrested in court today and you'd think it'd be a Very Awful Day for Mr. DeLay, but his Harris County mug shot says he's having a good old time. I don't get what he's in trouble for (last I heard, being a bully isn't against the law), but if he does end up in jail, I bet that smile runs away from his face real quick.

Playing the Plame game

Looks like Rove and Libby are in a heap of trouble, maybe Cheney too (but I suspect that's wishful thinking on the part of many, many people). I get allegedly leaking classified information is what they're all under scrutiny for, but I'm still confused about what Judith Miller's role (non-role?) is in all of this. The NY Times talks about it here, and Judith Miller continues to be obscure over here; I bet Clinton's wishing he had a Judy Miller on his side during Monica-gate. Meanwhile, special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald has set up his own website here, but what it all means, I couldn't tell you.

I hear rumbling that Frist is in trouble too for some Martha Stewartesque deal, and here's Senator Judd (R-NH) getting richer. Have I missed anything?

For once, the Democrats are doing the right thing and keeping their mouth shut. To quote Napoloen, "Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake."

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