Thursday, October 27, 2005

Hail to the chief!

Some of you already know "Commander-in-Chief" is my new favorite show, mostly because it's pure fantasy and I'm also a feminist at heart who can't believe Pakistan has had a female leader before us. Anyway, The Nation has a commentary on the show over here that sums up my feelings entirely:

... President Allen is sending in the Navy to rescue a Nigerian woman scheduled to be stoned for sex out of wedlock, sending in the Air Force to restore democracy to an unnamed Latin American country by threatening to destroy its coca crop, and using her summit meeting with the arrogant and sexist Russian president to win freedom for imprisoned dissident journalists. Can a woman be tough enough to lead the free world? Take that, misogynists and drug lords and enemies of free speech! In future episodes Mac will capture Osama bin Laden, rewrite the Iraqi Constitution and raise SAT scores by 75 points--all while dealing with a sullen teenage daughter who wishes Pat Buchanan had her mother's job.

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