Saturday, October 01, 2005

Coffee break

I tried to blog several times over the last couple of days, including the latest misadventures in the kitchen (think: explosion) and blogger kept eating my posts. Bad Blogger, no biscuit! Anyway, I'm still picking bits of things out of the carpet and I have cabinets to wipe down, and the blouse that unfortunately got assaulted during the explosion -- happened to be drying on the back of a dining room chair, and then kerplooey happened and a blouse that was clean a few seconds before, well, not so much now. I'm thinking those cooking lessons I was considering a few months ago would be a very good idea.

Lesson 101: Cooking soup without it exploding EVERYWHERE*

*I'm just going to leave that to your imagination, as I've written the post up several times, and blogger just seems to keel over and die every time I try to publish it. I think the description is pretty self-explanatory.

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