Saturday, October 15, 2005

Game day

I had a "Sports Night" marathon last night and rewatched my favorite episodes -- mainly the last five of the first season. When I watch those eps, especially "What Kind of Day Has It Been", I realize just how underutilized the wonderful Felicity Huffman is on "Desperate Housewives." The break-up with Gordon ranks right up there with Sally Field losing it all in "Steel Magnolias" as one of the few scenes that gets me right there every single time I watch that ep.

I may have posted this snippet of dialogue before, but I love it THAT MUCH, because it's one of the most brilliant moments of the show, and possibly Felicity Huffman's finest moment on that show:

DANA: I think I'm funnier than you've given me credit for being in the past.

GORDON: Here's what I've been thinking the past few days--

I'm just saying that if you're calling off the engagement because you don't think I'm funny enough--

GORDON: Would you stop.

DANA: Are you angry right now?


DANA: Are you mad at me?

GORDON: I'm not--

DANA: First you spend six months making me feel guilty for liking my job, then propose to me, two days later you tell me that you've slept with the woman who wants my job, I say fine. I say "fine". Six days after that you tell me you want to break off the engagement? Here's the thing: I think only one of us should be angry at a time, and I have a hunch it's gonna be me.

I think you're hung up on Casey.

DANA: That's what this is about?

GORDON: That's what this is about.

DANA: I'm not.

GORDON: You are, and you don't cover it well.

DANA: This is a cheap excuse to get out of marrying me which you never wanted to do in the third place, and the only reason you proposed in the second place was out of guilt for having slept with Sally in the first place.

You say fine? I sleep with Sally and you say "fine"? Casey sleeps with Sally and that's a different story.

You're calling off the engagement cause I wasn't mad enough when I found out you were sleeping around? How 'bout if we do the whole thing again and I just beat the living crap outa you?

::sigh:: I miss Sorkin.

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