Friday, October 28, 2005

Hear all about it

What a news day. Seriously, if I were still a reporter, I'd so want to be in DC just going after the news coming out of the Capitol (though a Washington Post reporter recently said after covering a president having an affair with a thong-wearing intern, everything else was rather anticlimatic). But still, wow, what a day.

First Scooter Libby, whom no one has ever heard of before, has been indicted in Plamegate, but Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald isn't saying if anyone else might soon join Libby. In other words, Bush's brain can't relax. Meanwhile, Valerie Plame is out of a job.

Second, bye bye Harriet. There are any number of reasons why she withdrew from consideration, and at least the White House is white-washing Miers' lack of qualifications, choosing instead to follow the exit strategy proposed last week by Charles Krauthammer. I do feel sorry for Harriet. She was thrown into the fray, so obviously in over her head, and the President did her loyalty and friendship no favors by keeping her as long as he did. Now it's a question of who's going to sit in for the murder boards next. In the meantime, may I suggest Patrick Fitzgerald?

The President's Very Bad Week (tm) continued, when the grim milestone of 2,000 dead Americans in Iraq was reached. If you're curious, here is the Iraq body count.

Jeb Bush, who unlike his brother, is a pro at the hurricane thing, had his hands full this week with Wilma. Meanwhile, Newsweek took forecasters to task for their hurricane coverage. All this, while sad sap Nicholas Cage takes to the airwaves in The Weatherman; just how many movies a year does that guy make, huh?

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