Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Where's my statue?

The 2004 Weblog Awards have arrived, but this blog is not even in the top 6750+ of blogs*. I'd have an inferiority complex about it but a) I have a futon now, b) I have Doubletree cookies, c) with two weeks to go to the holidays, I have managed to avoid hearing that dismal and putrid "Christmas Shoes" carol, e) dooce has a new Leta picture up but more importantly f) I have all of you who stop by, leave comments and email. But I really hope I'm at least in the top million of blogs... that'd be so cool.

Also, speaking of awards, that gruesome twosome -- Joan and Melissa Rivers -- are baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Man, I'm glad they aren't here to critique my wardrobe; today, the iron and I just didn't get along and I went through two pairs of pants before I said hell with it and threw on jeans, even though it's Wednesday which is not the same as Friday which is the day when everyone wears jeans. I can just hear those two yappering now: "And here comes Seema! Isn't her hair big today? And oh my, aren't those shoes from Plymouth Rock? And honey, didn't you know chunky jewelry isn't for every neck? And tsk, tsk, tsk, brown lipstick? Doesn't she know this season's color is wintermelon berry?" So yes, add that to my list of blessings: I don't have to worry about getting critiqued by Joan and Melissa Rivers, because I'd probably have to just curl up in a blob on my futon, under a blanket, and never, ever step foot in public again. Thank God they don't know about the mismatched shoes...

*Actually I was rather disappointed to see two of my favorite blogs not in the running -- Chez Miscarriage and Martini Republic. I'm terribly curious how they picked these blogs for inclusion. That being said, I think there are some very, very good blogs on the list. I voted, did you?

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