Friday, December 03, 2004


I'm going shopping for a futon tomorrow. This is very scary because a) it involves making a decision and b) it involves spending money. I'm not very good at either (except where Casual Corner is involved, in which case it's entirely too easy to whip out the credit card). S. is going with me and she vows that we are not returning home until the futon has been purchased. So far the one thing I've decided on is that my futon must have arm-rests. I mean, what is a couch without arm-rests? Where are you supposed to put your feet when you're sprawled out watching television? And even if you are the type of person who never, ever lies down on a couch, then for goodness sakes, you still need arm-rests so you can actually rest your arms.

I've ruled out IKEA for my futon needs, which is a good thing because a) it involves walking through a store the size of 2 football fields and b) half of this city seems to have nothing better to do on the weekend than visit IKEA and to exacerberate matters even further at the World's Largest IKEA outside of Sweden, there's reason c: flat furniture fits nicely under the Christmas tree! Anyway, IKEA's futons not only lack arm-rests (People! You can engineer a complete kitchen to fit into a box three feet by one foot and somehow you cannot design a futon with arm-rests?), they are also kind of... weird lookin'. This means no IKEA stories for you people! (but maybe, more blog entries about shoes and godawful Christmas carols).

Hopefully, when I blog at you next, I will have purchased not only a futon frame, but a cover and a mattress as well. Miracles are known to happen.

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