Friday, August 27, 2004

Where you go, that's where you are

I think it's interesting that one of the number one searches that brings people to this site is for Lindsay and Sidney Greenbush. Remember them? They were the twins who played Carrie on "Little House on the Prairie" and were never given much to do. In fact, iirc, they were constantly being replaced by other adoptive children -- Albert, and then James and Cassandra. All of this reminds me of "Seventh Heaven", with those twins who play David and Sam and who are constantly being upstaged by random children who wander in and out of the house. What is it with family drama shows ignoring the children who are already there and then introducing more and more children who have absolutely no charisma or spunk? And how do the parents not even notice that their original children have been shunted to the side?

Though, on "Seventh Heaven," I did appreciate Reverand Camden's befuddlement of walking through the living room and observing that none of the 80 gazillion teenagers there belonged to him; unfortunately, it came too late for me, as I'd already been rendered unconcious by Ashlee Simpson's character of Cecilia.* Pa Ingalls, for all of his good qualities, never did notice that he had two other children -- Carrie and Grace -- once he started the process of accumulating other children from other venues.

But I digress: for those of you who come here and look for the Greenbush twins, here is their official site.

Geek additions to the blog: You can now email individual posts to people, if you so desire; just click on the little 'envelope' in the date line at the end of each post. Also, I've added a few new links under the category of 'personal' -- direct your eyes to the upper right hand corner of your browser for the low-down.

Olympics link of the day: HDTV and the Olympics.

News link of the day: Bush Acknowledges Iraq 'Miscalculation'.

* For all of the Ashlee Simpson fans who may storm this blog in defense of their musical idol, I allow for the possibility that the character of 'Cecilia' may have just been so badly written that Ashlee's only way out was to whisper her way through the role.

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