Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Clean as a whistle

I think there comes a time in every blog's life where it literally and figuratively jumps the shark. Today, dear readers, is such the case with this blog. I say this because of today's topic -- which has nothing to do with politics, odd events in the life of Seema, IKEA adventures, or random news articles culled from around the web or even recipes. But that doesn't mean I've forgotten what a blog is all about, that it should enrich and pontificate, but not necessarily in that order or even in that importance. That being said, today, I'd like to talk about my two favorite cleaning supplies. Yes. Cleaning supplies.

First, I'd like to advocate the use of Arm & Hammer's Clean Shower with baking soda. Spare your knees by investing in a shower spray. Start out with a clean tub (so there is some scrubbing involved) and then after every shower, spray liberally with the shower spray. Voila, no build-up, no soap scum, no yucky black stuff in the tile cracks. Saves time, energy and your knees, all for $4.

Second, I'd like to also say that those blue drop-ins? They don't work. You're just as well off throwing food coloring into your toilet bowl for all the good the Vanish Drops In do. But Clorox Bleach drop-ins. Now that's the way to go. Sparkly, odor-free, and germ-cleaning all in one flush. What's not to love? So do away with the blue, and stick to the clear stuff; your bathroom will thank me.

Don't even get me started on orange-scented Fantastik. My quibbles with the spelling of 'Fantastik' aside, nothing smells quite so good or comforting. Lemon, you see, is rather sharp to the nostril, it's a little too pungent and a little too much on the nasal passage. It practically screams "the kitchen has been doused with lemon!" So, mix it up a little bit with the orange. Maybe orange in the kitchen and some lemon-scented Pledge in the living room? And perhaps some lavander-scented dish soap with aromatherapeutic properties for your dishes? Your nose will thank you!

This blog is not endorsed by any of the companies named above, but are simply the lunatic rantings of an obsessive cleaner..

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