Sunday, August 08, 2004

Aggregate me, baby!

I went looking for a news aggregator today because I spend way too much time flitting from blog to blog, and then also being so disappointed when I pop on by and a blog wasn't updated. So, I found bloglines which is a news aggregator run online. So, no software to download, and accessible from any computer and more importantly, free.

It also includes some additional features I don't understand like unlimited disposable emails (you'd think this would be self-explanatory, but I don't really get it), as well as a clip blog. Bloglines has a 'catalog' of blogs to subscribe too, including these top blogs, but you can even find lil ol' me in the catalog, as well as jemima's site.

If you're looking for a way to condense your reading and not worry about having software downloads on multiple computers, this just may be the way to go. It seems relatively straight-forward and every blog I've subbed too seems to work properly. And did I mention, it's free?

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