Friday, May 14, 2004

Fan the Vote

There's a community called Fan the Vote where fan artists/writers/betas are getting together to offer their services in exchange for a donation to the John Kerry campaign or Since I live in a state where my vote is pretty much moot, I have decided to let my pocketbook vote for me. So I've already made a contribution to the campaign and in return am receiving a story from a very talented writer.

I was thinking of offering my services as well, but wasn't sure I'd have to time to write anything, especially since my muse has pretty much keeled over from exhaustion and stress. But... I can never say no to a good cause. So if you are interested, I am offering the following:

* Editing services -- $1 per 100 words. So a 1000-word story beta means you'll donate $10 to either of the organizations above.

* LJ icons of your choice -- $1/icon

* Book cover for your story -- $10/bookcover

* One short story between 1,000 - 3,000 words in the following fandoms: any Trek except TOS, JAG, X-Files, X-Men, and Gladiator. Your choice of pairing, either slash or het. $10

Leave me a comment if you're interested. Please note, it's illegal for non-US residents to contribute. Also, I need all requests and donations made before June 30. You can read more about this cause here.

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