Sunday, May 09, 2004

Boob Tube

The one thing about watching "Survivor: All Stars" tonight is that along with all the filler material, I got to watch the same promos and commercials over and over again. Thankfully I missed a bunch as I muted the television to talk on the phone first with Sheetal, and then my mom, but the last hour was simply nails on the chalkboard awful with all of the promos and commercials. Oh the lack of variety! Oh the reptition of it all! You have missed the ad for Navy NCIS and whoa, the CSI event of the season, so let's play it again!

So help me God, if I never ever see that promo for "Helter Skelter" again, it'll be too soon -- movie event of the season, my left foot; as if a ghoul like Charles Manson really needs any kind of screen time. And much as I love Dick Van Dyke and am absolutely thrilled that there'll be a 'new' episode on Tuesday, I honestly needed to be told only once or twice. By the 25th time, I was dying. And then the local news was going insane over some shot that will help you lose weight -- "Stay tuned for video at 10!" -- and of course the awful problems the new tollway caused over the weekend; you can always count on our local news to bring the doom and gloom!

However, I did realize that life does not end for Star Trek actors when their ship sails off into the wormhole of syndication. Patrick Stewart has found himself second life doing voice-over for Crestor, that's Kate Mulgrew pushing Plymouth Voyager, and yup, Terry Farrell is talking about Medicare. It's hard to miss those voices on the 80 millionth reiteration during a 45-minute time period.


Blogger's got a new look, whee! I looked at the shiny new templates and I'm so tempted, so very tempted! And comments! From Blogger! I'm contemplating switching over from YACCS, which has provided the commenting service for the last few years. I'm very loyal so it'll be tough to make the switch. So for now, I'm sticking with YACCS, but I like the idea Blogger will email the comments to you, which YACCS doesn't do. Stay tuned for further updates on this very important issue.

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