Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Goaded on by jemima last night, I completed the personality profile at eharmony. Apparently, this is a highly accurate dating service and jemima says she knows someone who met the other half of their One True Pairing on eharmony. With a rec like that, who can resist? So using time I didn't have, I filled out the personality profile as Beverly Crusher. I could see why this is probably a safer dating service than most - if you're an axe-murder or a psychopath, you're not likely to sit there for an hour filling out brain-numbing questions just so you can find your pretty. Anyway, I got to the end about an hour later and it was discovered that I had a match! Karl! Unfortunately though, Karl and I will not be riding off into the sunset together unless he can cough up the $250 required. Yes, you read that correctly. In order to talk to your true love, you have to pay. I wasn't planning to pay myself because I was in it to find out what I'm really all about but I was curious about Karl. The one-shot cheap deal is just $50. You get to talk to Karl for a month. If you're looking for something more long-lasting, it can cost you up to $250. I guess money can buy you love.

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