Friday, April 18, 2003

Clearing the air

I'm waiting for lunch to finish cooking but I thought I'd be productive and answer a question Bjorn asked the other night: what on earth does 'paleo' mean? Credit for the term goes to jemima who inagurated it among the mod squad and it's shown up on various venues since them. Used, mostly, incorrectly as when we're talking about 'paleos' we're not referring to the paleolithic or even fans who have been around forever. In our jargon, 'paleo' is actually a short-hand for a phrase that the ever creative jemima coined last year: "'Shippin' since 1995.'" And since the phrase originated with us, it's rather disgruntling to see its meaning taken out of context and skewered all over the place. So, for those of you interested in 'original intent', this is it.

And now, I must lunch.

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