Friday, April 27, 2001

I realized I haven't posted in a while. I should have a good excuse, but I don't. I don't even have anything to rant about. Amazing since I thrive on melodrama.

Thank you to everyone who voted for me on ASC and ASCEML awards; it's much appreciated. I'm only just now coming back down to earth.

Maybe I'll have an opinion next week. Maybe. Watch this space.

Wednesday, April 18, 2001

Things that bug me. Some people say things better than I do, so I'm going to let them talk. Take it away, Joel!
This morning, I came to the sad conclusion that I simply cannot iron. I tried, really I did. At 6:45 am, it was me in the laundry room with the iron and a pair of khakis. It was so not pretty. Anyway, I put more wrinkles in than I took out. Finally, I decided not to put in the crease that runs down the front of pants; I'm strangely envious of people who can do this. You know who I'm talking about: people whose clothes never have a wrinkle and in fact, are so starched that clothes can possibly stand on their own. I look at a dress wrong and it wrinkles. Hence, I spend lots of time talking to my closet, hoping that my good feelings towards my rayon and linen clothing radiates outward. I'll let you know how it goes.

Friday, April 13, 2001

Mr. Spammer,

Thank you for your letter today, offering me a "diploma, delivered in days, from a non-accredited university"! Too bad I didn't know that I could get any diploma I wanted - MBA, Bachelors, PhD etc - by just calling your phone number. I probably could have saved the parental units money and gray hair. They're really ticked about the gray hair (most of it due to a concussion received one semester, but that's another story entirely and I don't suppose you care) and now I'm really bummed to find out that you could have helped me out with this. I probably could have avoided the concussion too.

By the way, since you were so nice to tell me about this stellar service, I thought I'd return the favor. Click here to find out how you can improve your business!

Thank you for your attention.



Thursday, April 05, 2001

So here's the deal. I know y'all think I've been AWOL. I have a good excuse, really I do. It's called the GMAT and the racket that's known as ETS. Where else can you possibly pay $190 for the test, $60 for various test preparation materials, $6 on gas - all to take a 3 1/2 hour test that is about as fun as standing in the rain? You also learn in the course of preparation for this test that no one in the world does the same things to English grammar and sentence structure that the GMAT does; you also know that no one, and I mean no one, reads lengthy discourses on the economic conditions of sub-equatorial African nations with a population less than 1 million, for fun. But you can pay to read these things (yes!) and what's even better, these interesting essays are stuck at the end of the test when your eyes are starting to blur so that all of the letters look the same on the screen so you might get Nigeria mixed up with New Mexico. Yes, it can happen. Anyway, just a minor little rant about this money-making operaton. ETS ought to be ashamed of themselves. Really.

Site of the day: Go, have a fun time, laugh at the silly pictures. You'll enjoy it.

Fanfic of the day: In the Space of Seven Days by Jenn. NC-17. A great Tom in command story. This one will turn your insides upside down and then smack you around for good measure. More angst than you can shake a stick it.