Monday, March 26, 2001

I'm very happy about Michelle Kwan's win on Saturday at the World Championships. A beautiful skate, filled with all of her lyrical and graceful artistry. A gorgeous job and bravo all around. Now here's to that Olympic gold medal...

Kudos to Russell Crowe and Julia Roberts :-) Very glad about their wins at the Oscar. Russell Crowe pulls off that skirt look so well. Also, fashion faux paux goes to Sarah Jessica Parker (for that short black number) and Bjork for that strange swan thing. Catherine Zeta-Jones , Julia Roberts and Benjamin Bratt and Laura Linney looked fabulous. Not that Oscar is really about fashion...

In Seema news (yes, everything is about me!) - no, I haven't written anything recently, but I have cleaned off my hard drive and finally posted some stories that have been sitting around since last fall. No, I haven't finished "A Fugue in Blue Minor" though I do plan to once my creative streak comes back. So far, I'm caught up with all submissions to the Write Connection (wow!) so I hope you're enjoying the new arrivals. I've even caught up with my email (finally!). If I've missed you, please email me. There was a brief period of time when I couldn't keep up. Life is better now.


Wednesday, March 21, 2001

The power of the Internet, wow, to affect you, to make connections with people you never knew, with people who never knew you knew them. One of those people, Leyla Harrison, an X-Files author of amazing talent, passed away in February. I would stop by Leyla's page for a quick "X-Files" fix now and then and would read about her battle with melanoma. Leyla's great attitude made me think she could beat this one. Unfortunately, not. The Working Stiffs Fanfic page has a great tribute to Leyla and it's worth stopping by if you ever had the honor of reading Leyla's work. For those of you who haven't, here's Leyla's site.

Friday, March 16, 2001

I'm really getting annoyed with radio people. This is not an understatement in any way. What put me over the edge yesterday was a silly poll where people called in and gave their opinion on whether Tom Cruise gay. For crying out loud, who the heck cares? What do differences does it make in anyone's life that they feel the burning desire to weigh in with this opinion? Then today, the poll was: which celeb would you most like to see nekkid? (Nekkid, for those not in the "know," is apparently how you say "naked" in these parts). The answer to this question gives me more information about people I don't know than I care to know. Intelligent radio. Is it a myth? Or do we, as listeners, get what we deserve? .

On a positive note, here's a fanfic rec for you: "Ashes to Ashes" by Yvonne Harrison. I adore this fanfic in so many ways I can't even begin to start listing them all. This is Tom-torture, incredible angst, and character growth as you've never seen before. Truly a tour de force, not something you see often in Trek, let alone VOY. Definitely a must read. Run, don't walk, over to Yvonne's site and take a look. You won't be sorry.

Ashes to Ashes by Yvonne Harrison (aka "Fanfic Chick")

On another note, if you're reading, drop me an email. I'm curious who reads these web journals anyway and I know mine aren't particularly exciting or entertaining. Plus, you'd make my email very happy:-)