Wednesday, May 03, 2006


ABC is pulling "Commander in Chief" from the airwaves. Ordinarily, I'd just shrug it off and say, "There goes another show I like to watch." See, I'm awful at picking shows when they debut. Nearly every show I start off watching from episode 1 gets cancelled. And I was convinced at the beginning "CiC" was going to be one of those shows, except that it had great ratings. I was relieved. The curse had been broken! But alas, not so.

Anyway, if you feel so inclined, you can write to ABC in support of the show over here (text of letter below). It's the first time I've ever written into a network about a show before, but I believe so strongly in the concept of the show, in the *idea* that a woman can be president, that I had to say something. It's not so much that I adore the show for the usual qualities that make me love a show -- writing, acting, scripting -- but for what it represents.

Here's the sample letter that's being passed around (and I'm ashamed to say I just copied verbatim, but I had nothing more or less to say than what was written here):


Please keep Commander in Chief on the air. I just read online that the show was being pulled for the rest of May. It has had a rough time because it's been moved around so often and put on extended hiatus. I know it's been hard to maintain steady ratings, but that is no reason to give up on the show. It provides a great message for young girls (and boys) and shows that this scenario is possible. Geena Davis shows that women in strong roles can succeed. I hope to see a second season.

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