Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Good night, and good luck

I actually felt sad saying good-bye to Katie Couric this morning. I don't know if I'll miss her (I'll find out tomorrow for sure), but she *has* woken me up for the last five years, and I like familiarity. Change is not something I handle well, not even with my morning news anchors.

What really started the tear ducts though were the videos of some of the events Katie has covered. There's something about 9/11 that makes my throat tighten up, and my face feel as if it's been stretched. I cried during the interview of a Colombine survivor and then again during the Oklahoma City bombings. It's strange, but some of those things still feel as raw and unsettled as the day they happened. You always remember where you are when you first hear awful news, and nothing brought that closer to home than Today's retrospective.

I'm not usually home in time to watch the evening news, but I wish Katie good luck. I'd love to see a woman succeed in an arena that has (with few exceptions) been dominated by men.

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