Sunday, May 14, 2006

On the move

My brother, the administrator for this site's domain and hosting, has decreed that a move will be happening sometime in the next week. This will be the first time in five years that I'll be changing servers, and it'll be a sad, sad good-bye since Pair has been awesome and so incredibly reliable, but my brother has found another option that he likes better and will add more features etc., so we're moving!

In theory, this move will be seamless and all of y'all won't notice a thing when I actually make the transition. The URL will remain the same (including all internal links as I'm not changing any of the site structure -- oh no no no), as well as the layout (well, I may take this opportunity to redesign my welcome mat), and all of the content. The only thing I'm not 100 percent sure of is the blog, and how that will transition over.

ETA: I talked to my brother this afternoon and he assured me there won't be any problem moving anything over, including the blog. Whew! The last time we did the server swap, we had all sorts of nightmares, but that was mostly because the hosting company was teh evil, and not only had my site down for weeks at a time, but then reneged on a promise they made to my brother that they would allow him to move my site over before deleting it from their servers.

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