Saturday, December 17, 2005


I finally got most of my holiday cards and packages mailed out today. When I reached the post office around 10:30 this morning, it was jam-packed, and I figure the wait was probably an hour or so. A nice guy pointed out the self-serve kiosk, and OHMYGOD, it is the best thing ever. You can weigh your package at the kiosk, print out the appropriate postage, and also for international letters. Plus, you can buy regular stamps (only holiday ones, unfortunately). Best part? You can charge it all to your credit card.

There was a bin for packages so I could just drop my package in after putting the postage on it, and then I put the cards in the regular stamped mail box. I was in and out of the place in about 20 minutes -- no waiting in line. For all the crap that gets heaped on the USPS, I thought I'd point something really good that they've done.

Now you know what that extra 2-penny increase in January is going to pay for.**

*No, I don't work for the USPS, I only use their services
** Or is it a 3-cent increase?

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