Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Sock it to me

Years ago, I think it was my 21st birthday, my mom gave me socks. Now some of you would say, "Oh that's a terrible present," but there are two things you must know about me: a) even when it's 80 degrees out, I'm freezing and b) I like warm things. Hence, I've routinely received things like flannel sheets, blankets, sweaters, warm pajamas, socks, and mittens as gifts. In college, I'd routinely ask -- as I'd hunch over and brave the blizzard winds -- just how did the pioneers make do without polar fleece? I mean really, can you people imagine what life before fleece was like? I can't even think of it. If I were a pioneer, I'd probably have to be somewhere like, I don't know, Hawaii, or Mexico, because I wouldn't have been able to take the long winters a la Little House on the Prairie.

Anyway, I mention the socks because they are AWESOME: two pairs of fleece (one pair green and one pair red), and the other two pairs were brown, with thick soles, and just really warm. My feet were incredibly happy wearing these socks as I trudged through the New England winters. I still have the socks, and today I'm wearing the red fleece ones because it's freakin' cold here. And I know, I know, all you Midwest and New England types are probably laughing because it's in the 20s here in Red State, but in my defense, I was just at a cafe with NO SOCKS* on and really, even you hardy New England/Midwest types would be cold with NO SOCKS on when the temperature is rapidly dropping below freezing. I'm just sayin'.

I should also mention my pajama top is fleece too. And that I'm sitting here typing to you with a chenille blanket around my shoulders. I also have flannel sheets on my bed, a wool blanket, a soft pink blanket of some unknown material, and a quilt. I'll probably throw another blanket on there for good measure. Back in New England, I routinely went to bed with my robe on over my pajamas. Also, I never sleep without socks on.

I don't like the cold at all, but I do like the things that keep us warm.

* Lest you think I'm completely crazy, the lack of socks was due to the fact I'd gone to yoga this evening, and I was wearing black cropped length yoga pants and my socks were white, and I so didn't want to pull an Urkel. I never did take off my jacket though during dinner, as I was wearing a t-shirt over a tanktop, so at least I exhibited some sense then..

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