Monday, December 19, 2005

The happiest time of the year?

I didn't watch "Christmas Blessing" last night because I was heavily absorbed in a new biography of Queen Isabella (betrayal, murder, and treachery in medieval England -- yum!), but I got a general synopsis of the film over here. Apparently the little boy from the song -- Nathan -- is all grown up and having a nervous breakdown about being a doctor. He runs home, discovers things are a' changing, but still manages to fall in love. But then, disaster strikes! At Christmas time! To wit:

Nathan scarcely has begun to try letting go of the past when he discovers that not one, but two of the people he loves most suffer from life-threatening medical conditions that only a Christmas Eve transplant can resolve.

This Nathan kid can't catch a break. First his poor shoeless mother is dying on Christmas Eve when he's a wee one, and now the two people he loves most BOTH HAVE TO HAVE AN ORGAN TRANSPLANT AT THE SAME TIME ON CHRISTMAS EVE?

Y'know, despite my better judgement, I really, really want to hear what NewSong came up for this particular movie. If you have the lyrics, I'd be much obliged. If you feel creative and want to make up your own lyrics based on the synopsis and the original song, then that's fine too.

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