Monday, December 12, 2005

These shoes were made for walkin'

You all know about about my deep-rooted version to all things related to "Christmas Shoes", so imagine my horror at the news CBS is airing a sequel to the damn thing called Christmas Blessing and just to put the coal in the stocking touch to all of this, NewSong -- the group responsible for the original treacle -- will perform the title song during the movie. For those of you who can't wait, CBS has a copy of the song* on the website (see above link).

My favorite Hollywood Christmas anvil moment came during this evening's ep of "Seventh Heaven" (which I was watching in between commercials for the Elton John concert), when Glen Oak has a power outage on Christmas Eve, and all the lights go out. Sandy converts to Christianity and a second later, then lo! Behold! LET THERE BE LIGHT. Then there's bizarre image of panning away from the Camden residence (the only light in the otherwise dark town) and then slowly the light spreads across the town and then the camera pans back until suddenly, we're in outer space, looking down at the glowing earth and it is good.

I may just have to let the little urchin from "The Christmas Shoes" off the hook and set the Camdens as my new whipping boy(s). Subtle, "Seventh Heaven" has never been, but boy. Oh. Boy.

* And no, I haven't listened to it, but that's more due to my aversion to Real Player rather than a fierce allergic attack to anything 'Christmas Shoes' related

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