Monday, January 31, 2005

Comfort zone*

I try to blog daily, and some days, it's easier to come up with topics than others. On days like today though, I find it difficult to come up with a respectful transition from talking about tragedy -- whether it's the tsunami or the death of a friend or a concentration camp -- to something more light-hearted. Sometimes, I wonder if I should make this blog more one-note -- maybe a shrill liberal manifesto, or maybe I'll only talk about the things I did or link various interesting news items with no commentary whatsoever -- it would certainly make it easier to move from topic to topic without feeling I'm disrespecting the previous topic.

I blog on the fly -- a brain dump, if you will. The topic closest to my heart at the moment I sit down at the keyboard is what appears here. I'm not sure what people like to read here or what they prefer, but then again, this blog is all about ME -- the only place in the world where things can be all about ME. In other words, I'm just not sure how to handle the kinds of situations, but I think it's important to talk about the world, the things that happened, but at the same time realize that bad things happen and then it's okay to laugh.

* Freshness: canned

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