Monday, October 25, 2004

The Flu Boo Boo

I was going to write about politics today, about some unpopular opinions re the presidential election, but instead, I thought I'd talk about the flu vaccine, which apparently is FUBAR, which roughly translates to: Only Members of Congress Qualify*. And I know you're reading this and saying, "Well, Seema, we knew this. How are you so far behind the times?" And it's true, and I apologize, but I was standing in line waiting for my flu shot all this time.

Well, before you beat down the HTML of my blog, I rescind that last comment; I actually haven't had a flu shot in years, if ever, due to my non-exclusion in a high risk category. Every year, I play that dangerous flu roulette -- will the bad little germies take me down or not? So far, knock on wood, I haven't been seriously ill since The Great Stomach Ailment of 1999, which was positively one of the most horrible experiences ever (you can thank jemima** for intervening and thus sparing you the gruesome, up-chucky details of the five-day long battle, but I can tell you a 24-hour "Seventh Heaven" marathon featuring "The Best of Ashlee Simpson" would be less traumatizing than enduring suddenly leaky orifices and achy joints I didn't know I had).

In the meantime, to put this post back on its original politicky and less disgusting bent, I say: Vote on issues that matter! We need someone who will be tough on the flu, who will stand up to that true Weapon of Mass Destruction! Vote for a candidate who will fight vaccine contamination wherever it is so we don't have to fight the flu in the streets of Phoenix or Atlanta! I'm just sayin'.

Link of the day: Man has bird flu.

* Congress update; fair and accurate, that's what this blog strives for (with apologies to FOX), and so I feel it's fair to let you know Congress did donate some of their vaccines. Also, update on the actual flu situation here.

** It's also jemima's fault you got the flu today and not the politics; the politics will resume tomorrow; feel free to hit the snooze button.

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