Sunday, October 10, 2004

Beyond the door my life will be

I'm all fested out. Yesterday, I went downtown and attended the art fest, which is a pretty big fest, apparently, and had all sorts of lovely artwork that took my breath away and carried big price tags. I fell in love, absolutely in love with one painter who combined iconography with Renaissance styles and then there was another artist who created beautiful, overtextualized, brilliantly-colored landscapes that fairly leaped off the canvas.

Today, I went to the Greek Fest just a couple miles down the road from me. Lunch was spanokopita and as they were out of baklava, I ended up with something they recommended to me as 'the cookie baklava.' There was also some lovely Greek folk dancing by the children of the community and then I took a tour of the Orthodox cathedral, which had some lovely icons once again.

If you haven't guessed, I'm rather into icons, and have loved looking at them since my first exposure to them at the Cathedrale St. Nicholas -- a Russian Orthodox church -- in Nice, which has just stunning and marvelous iconography inside; apparently, it's the most elaborate church of Orthodoxy outside of Russia.

Because of the crowds at the Greek fest, I had to park four or five blocks away. When I parked I noticed one Kerry/Edwards sign at the house across the street from where I parked. As I returned, I noticed nearly every other house had a Kerry/Edwards sign. I nearly flipped. People, we're talking less than a couple of miles from the financial center of one of the most conservative industries in the world and for the record, I live in a 'red' state so any show of support for a democrat is akin to saying, "I eat babies for breakfast and drink their blood for dinner. And oh, I worship Hilary Clinton and Hollywood." I'm just sayin' that's the definition of 'Democrat' or 'liberal' in my neck of the woods.

I believe people in my neck of the woods want regime change, but the chutzpah to display Kerry/Edwards sign is becoming more and more prominent. I see more bumper stickers on a daily basis -- I have even ordered a replacement for the one I had snitched off my car. All in all, I feel like I'm seeing more people supporting Kerry/Edwards here than I saw supporting Gore/Lieberman in 2000. And that says a lot. A lot.

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